Joanna’s Simple sautéed cabbage.

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½ red cabbage 1 bunch of spring onions 1 red cayenne chilli 1 cup of medium grain rice Stock cubes Olive oil.   Cook the medium grain rice in 1 ½ cups of stock of your choice. Chop and sauté the spring onions and the chilli (adjust chilli amount to personal preference) in a frying […]

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Kat’s Wintery Beef Stew served with Honey Brussel Sprouts & Crunchy Roast Potatoes

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Wintery Warming Beef Stew  Ingredients 1 x Geo Organics Beef Stewing steak cubed (approx 1kg) 2 x onions diced roughly (Manjimup fruit & veg) 1 x large beetroot diced (Mammone’s fruit & veg or Manji fruit & veg) 2 x parsnip OR 1 Kohlrabi diced (Manji Fruit & veg) 1/2 finely chopped deseeded chilli (Mario […]

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Jill James’s Lime Brulee Tart


There are lots of limes around at the moment – you can always freeze the lime custard This makes a large tart – you can halve this for a smaller tart. Use your favourite sweet short crust pastry.  Blind bake. 9 limes, 1 orange, 10 eggs, 375 gms sugar, 575 ml cream Juice and zest […]

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