Jill James’s Lime Brulee Tart


There are lots of limes around at the moment – you can always freeze the lime custard
This makes a large tart – you can halve this for a smaller tart. Use your favourite sweet short crust pastry.  Blind bake.
9 limes, 1 orange, 10 eggs, 375 gms sugar, 575 ml cream
Juice and zest limes and orange.  Heat and infuse for 10 minutes.  Then strain.
Whisk in sugar and eggs to strained ingredients until thick and pale. Fold in soft whipped cream.
Pour into pastry case and cook in 180 degree oven until set.( tart can still have a slight wobble – dont overcook)  Just before serving brûlée the top using caster sugar and a blow torch.  Alternative you could sieve on some icing sugar if you don’t have a blow torch.


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