Margot’s Effortless Egg rolls with Fermented Vegetables.

egg roll

Effortless Egg rolls with Fermented Vegetables

4 Margaret River Free Range eggs

1  onion, diced

1 tsp  Lotus Blue Gee, Coconut oil or Butter for frying

2 toasted nori wrappers

4 TBS  Foleys Sauerkraut

A square shaped omelet pan works nicely with this dish, but is not necessary. Mix two of the eggs and half of the diced onion in a bowl. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Heat the gee in the pan then pour the egg in the pan. Cook until just set. When done, place on a sheet of nori. In the center of the egg, place 2 TBS sauerkraut and lay it lengthwise. Roll the seaweed and eggs up, including the sauerkraut. Use toothpicks to hold wraps in place if you’re traveling with them.


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