Nat’s Salute to the Sun Warm Salad

Salute oven baked

Salute to the Sun Warm Salad
Kapha Balancing – Energising and Vitalising
Serves 4

2 Zucchini
2 Red Capsicum
Red Onion
Root vegetables of choice (I always steam these first)
2 Tbs Lotus Blue Salute to the Sun Spices
5 Tbs Chilli Ghee
Spagetti Squash
Haloumi (Heidi Goats Haloumi perfect for this)
Rocket and Coriander
Pomegranate Seeds & Walnuts/Other Nuts & Seeds Optional

Cut and combine Vegetables (except Squash), Spices and Ghee in a Baking Tray and bake until Vegetables well cooked. Can add Braggs Seasoning near end. Cut Squash in half, de-seed and bake for 30-45 mins in Ghee – use fork to create Spagetti. Fry Haloumi and cut into serving size. Serve Baked Vegetables and with Haloumi and Herbs. Serve with the Squash on the side. Sprinkle with Nuts, Seeds etc.

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