Jill James’s delicious sweet corn tart

corn tart

Sweet Corn Tart – with Deb Serventy’s wonderful corn

A real locavore effort as just about everything comes from the Farmer’s Market. – so easy. Use your favourite short crust pastry. Line tart tin. Make a custard with 3 eggs, 300mls cream, parmesan, pepper and salt, nutmeg. Cut the corn off its core – 2/3 cobs – try and get some in clumps to set aside for later. Mix most of the corn into the custard and nearly fill the tart tin. Put a small amount of custard aside for later. Cook tart until set but not completely cooked. Take out of oven. Float the ramaining custard on top and decorate with corn, zucchini, tomatoes, onion or anything else you fancy. Complete cooking.

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