Nick and Amanda’s beautiful Beetroot Rissotto

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Beetroot Risotto, Heidi Goat Feta, Farm House Arkady Lamb


Shalotts 5

Greenman’s Organic Garlic 1 small bulb crushed

Oregano good hand full

Marjorie’s Place Red wine – big glug

Arborio rice hand full per person

Manjimup fruit & veg’s Beetroot 1 large


Pine bolete vinaigrette (recipe to follow)

Farm House Arkady Lamb



Olive oil

Heidi feta


Pine bolete salt rub (recipe to follow)



Make stock by roasting chicken carcases and necks until golden, top with water and deglazed roasting pan juices and bring to the boil then very low simmer for 3 hours..strain

Place chopped beetroot into the stock and cook until softened…remove and blend to add closer to the end of cooking the risotto

Chop shallots and garlic then saute in oil until opaque

Add oregano

Add the rice and stir until opaque

Glug in the wine and allow to reduce by half

Start adding stock ladle full at a time…once your rice is half way there add the beetroot puree

Continue adding stock until aldente

Add a table spoon of pine bolete vinaigrette (alternatively add lemon juice to taste)

Season to taste and add beetroot leaves

Top with Heidi goats cheese

For the lamb loin

Rub lamb in salt rub….sear on both sides until cooked to your liking..



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