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Traudel’s Loquat and Apricot chutney

Loquat and Apricot Chutney You will need.. 650gr Loquats 5 small Apples 300gr dried Apricots 8o gr Ginger 2 tbl spoons black Mustard seeds 2 tbl spoons yellow Mustard seeds 500gr brown organic sugar 720ml cider vinegar 2 tsp sea salt 2tsp crushed chillies Method Clean loquats remove seeds and membrane cut up in small […]

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Ian’s Spicy Corn Pikelets with chilli tomato salsa (Summer Recipe)

Spicy Corn Pikelets with Chilli Tomato Salsa   There’s nothing like freshly picked sweetcorn, which doesn’t need cooking at all. However, for those who want to produce an easy crowd pleaser, here’s a simple recipe. You could use self-raising flour. I prefer plain flour and adding my bicarb.   Serves 4   Ingredients 1 Tbsp […]

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